Since 2004
UMR 7023
Structures Formelles du Langage
CNRS-University Paris 8
2015   HDR thesis, Université Paris 8
2003    Postdoctoral researcher at the CNRS, LLACAN
2001    PhD in linguistics at Université Paris 7, Laboratoire de Linguistique formelle
1995    DEA in linguistics at Université Lyon 2, Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage
1994   M.A. French language and litterature, Université Ibnou Zohr, Agadir, Morocco

Updated version of my CV
I work on the interface between phonology and morphology, using the following frameworks: Autosegmental Phonology, Government Phonology, strict CV approach to syllable structure, templatic morphology, prosodic morphology. I also work on language acquisition, mainly from a phonological perspective.

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